About our work

Manufacturing and sales of the wholegrain bakes

We manufacture varieties of whole grain breads such as wheat seeded bread, plain wheat, honey wheat, Jewish challah, focaccia, multigrain chocolate/masala/garlic/vegetable/herbed breads. We also manufacture a wide range of cookies made of bran rich whole grain flours. Apart from these, we have health bars, healthy crackers which are an excellent alternative to the fried chips, bread spreads and dips etc.. Our speciality is the usage of natural extracts for flavouring and non usage of preservatives. We have our own outlet situated in the heart of the city, and we also supply to the premium stores in Cochin.

Successful Training Sessions in wholegrain baking

We conducts workshop for various kinds of wholegrain baking. The participants come from various parts of Kerala , Karnataka and Tamilnadu. We even get overseas citizens who are on vacation in Kerala. We have a dedicated facility for the classes in our studio

Awareness campaigns and field work

We believe that work and business is not just about making money, but it is about leaving a mark before you leave forever by giving something back to the society. We work with schools and NGOs to create awareness on healthy eating, growing your own food and on being a responsible consumer by choosing your food wisely. We do role plays in our kids sessions to convey the message more effectively and also make them knead the dough and bake their own breads. We have worked with the major schools in Cochin such as Global Public school, Gregorian public School and The Choice school.